Chaos Theory

In the age of televised football saturation where ex-pros over-analyse every move and every mistake, goals and defeats now appear to be always someone’s fault:the forward should have scored; the centre half wasn't tight enough to his marker; the midfield didn't track back; the goalkeeper shouldn't have tried to punch the ball; Whatever the circumstance, in the modern world of football punditry, there always appears to be someone to blame. 

It is therefore refreshing for someone to concede that sometimes thing don’t pan out the way you want them to, regardless of tactics, preparation, execution and that the gods of football can be fickle. Following the recent draw at home to Kilmarnock, the Rangers Manager, Mark Warburton bemoaned the fact that a game of football doesn't always follow the best laid plans:

"It’s the random nature of football. Sometimes it drops your way be it a penalty kick or a corner or a goal kick or an offside, whatever it might be. The random events of football sometimes go your way, sometimes they don’t. I think the last couple of games they haven’t gone our way but I'm delighted with the quality of football."

However, Rangers should not need luck for the next game against Alloa. If the team plays well things should not come down to chance, as results against Alloa this season have seen Rangers  score nine goals for the loss of one. Alloa themselves are seeking to maximise their own chances by narrowing the pitch mid-season in an obvious nod to the strength of Rangers on the flanks, as they seek to minimise the space the wingers have to play in and avoid the four and five goal defeats they have previously suffered. However, Mark Warburton has responded to this by altering the training methods the Rangers team have had to go through by having the players train on an artificial surface, in narrower and smaller areas, in order that the players can experience having the ball under pressure in tight and difficult circumstances, as he seeks himself to leave nothing to chance.

Rangers control of this season's encounters culminated in a possession stat of a whopping 70% for the home team when the teams last played at Ibrox.  Should Rangers turn that much possession into chances and then convert a few,lady luck should have very little to do on the day.

Written by cushynumber